Sneak peek at next project: Corporate

Hello Kitters, I hope you’re all enjoying weaving with the fantastic UIkit framework, my projects have proven popular, so hot of the heels of last weeks FOOBAR I’m busy putting together a requested project for the business/corporate market.

It’s still in development and NOT yet proof’d, so ignore things that are broken and typos, these will get sorted before launch. But as this type of project has been requested quite a bit by users I thought I’d give you a sneak peek.

Corporate: By UIkitter.

Corporate is a fully featured project which can be used almost “as-is” for your next Uikit3 build. Included will be everything you need to get going, including all essential pages, plus loads of layout options for new ones.

I’m expecting to have it ready to go next week.

See all the current projects and learn about UiKitter here


Looks good, although I absolutely loath the Blinker font. :grinning:

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Following on from @Lucas appearance on the Rapidweaver Central workshop the other morning, he showed me how to do a really cool (I think) thing with sliders…

UIkit3 has some great options for slider navigation, but if you want to get really creative you can make your own navigation icons!

So I’ve updated the slider at the top of the home screen on Corporate to use this new trick. I think it works really well.

It’s really simple to do, you just add whatever you want for the navigation, image, SVG, icon etc. then add a UIkit custom class.

You will be able to see it in action (and so reverse engineer/copy it) in Corporate when it’s launched, plus i believe one Lucas’ own UIkit projects uses it too (it was that project which prompted me to ask how it was done).

I will be including this trick in the upcoming workshop series, details: Online workshop: Let's build a UIkit3 website together

Hey Steve glad to see nice things being made with UIkit :grinning:

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Cool project Steve, lots of nice UIkit3 effects.

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