Introducing Custom & Pre-built Projects For UIkit3

The new home for pre-built projects for UIkit3 is now live!

Sign-up now for 50% off.

What is UIki3?

UIkit3 is a new framework for Rapidweaver by @lucas FROM Weavers Kingdom that is taking the RW community by storm. With over 70 stacks and an enormous library of easy to apply “classes”, it’s one of the only frameworks on the market today that enables you to build awesome websites without having to resort to third-party stacks.

UIkit3 For RapidWeaver is not only the most complete framework today, but it’s also fast. Really fast. BLISTERINGLY FAST!


If you haven’t yet experienced UKit3 For Rapidweaver, get it here:

What is UiKitter?

UiKitter is the new home of the pre-built projects for Uikit3. We also build custom projects to order.

The website is live where you can read all about us and sign-up to get 50% off our projects when the store launches.

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Well done Steve :grinning:


Hi folks, just wanted to update: I have now completed building the new store section of the website, and we’re nearing completion. The last thing to be done is the inclusion of a tips section, where we plan to collect together hints and tricks for getting the most out of UIkit3 for RapidWeaver and publish them in the one place.

All things considered, we hope to launch the site next weekend, with the first projects being ready a few days later.

If you want a discount on the projects at launch, be sure to signup for our newsletter:

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Just a heads up that I am getting a message when I click on your link that warns me that it is a phishing site. I’m not sure what is causing it, but safari gives a message that it is an unsecured site. Just thought you might like to know in case it is affecting your traffic.

Thanks for the heads up.

There appears to be a problem at the registrar’s end with the newly registered domain name They are looking into it and it should start working again shortly.

EDIT: Fixed (at least for me) quicker than I expected: @tballard if you’d be so kind, try the link now and let me know if there is a problem.

No warning in Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

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It’s working now for me. Glad to help!

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