Social icons resource gone

Hey all!

I got a website using Nick Cates’ “Clearing” theme. I noticed that my social icons are gone and when I look at the code it seems the theme loads them from an external site;

I tried sending an email to get support but it seems he discontinued all his themes.

Any idea on how to get my social icons back?



Gonna reply to my own thread quick. Got my social icons back. Was a font file missing. Weird as I don’t know how it may have gotten deleted, but OK…

Still; this one file mentioned above is still mentioned in my code, and if you look at my pages with a Web Developer kit it shows an error saying it can’t load that rescue. The file may not be needed but how can I be sure? Also; I’d really like an error free site, so… I guess the original question still stands, despite the fact that I managed to get my social icons back :wink:


Hi Jochen, would help if you posted a url for your site as not everyone will have this theme and know exactly where to fix the issue.

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