Social media icons, and how do you add follow us on Facebook and move the icon to the bottom of the home page?

how do I move the Facebook icon to the bottom of my home page?
Also, I m using Carousel complete and Carousel complete slide show. How do I make the height at the bottom of my home page smaller in height. Thanks, R.Nelson

I don’t have the Paramount theme, so I can’t say for sure. From the tutorial page:

Looks like you added the <a class= "social1" href= "#">f</a> (your URL) to the sidebar? Not sure. but that looks like the way the theme displays it. You could try placing that same snippet anywhere on the page. Even the Footer.

Not sure what that is? Is that some external thing or what exactly? It looks like you’re not using stacks pages, so how are you adding this? I didn’t see a Carousel on the page above.

Since you are using stacks you can use any of the available sticky/pin type of stacks (some paid some donationware) and place the social icon wherever you wish. Stacks4Stacks has one here; Joe Workman has a similar stack, and Big White Duck has one as well called PIN here; There are a lot of positioning type stacks out there…others may pass along their favorites. There may be a “social” type stack that also allows for exact positioning. That being said you can accomplish the icon and link using FontAwesome. Let us know how it goes.

The page above is NOT a stacks page.

Thanks teefers my understanding is that carousel is a stack thus my assumption, I thought I saw stacks mentioned in the pages source code as well…but certainly might have missed something. Ron if not using stacks then disregard my suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

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Stacks would make things easier.

I have stacks, is there a Facebook stack? I don’t get your answer.

If you are using a stacks page, there’s quite a few more options available.

Depending on what you want to do.

  • Drive the user to your Facebook page
  • Make it easy for users to share your website on facebook
  • Collect FB likes.

I’m using Paramount here -

To get the social icons at the bottom I used Sharestack from Stacks4Stacks for the icons and placed them in the free Extra Content stack, set to EC3. Works OK and you can style the icons if you like. These are designed to share the page they’re on with the individual social media service.


Ron as others point out with stacks your options are many. One could use any of the numerous social media stacks (a google for rapidweaver social media icon stack will yield plenty). If you’ve never used Fontawesome it might be fun to check it out. Most of the icons are free and it’s very easy to use. More here (note there are numerous Facebook icons available…I just chose one below). In your case you could throw a text stack into your layout and position it at the bottom of your page then insert “<i class="fa fa-facebook fa-fw"></i> Type Whatever You Want To Say Here” in the text stack, select the text and add whatever link you wish to use.

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