Social Media (FB, Tw) icons

Although not a user of Social Media, I want to put the ‘Like us/Follow us’ icons on a site I’m building.

For FaceBook and Twitter only…

Recommendations for Stacks to do that best, please?

(Partisan suggestions also welcome., zeebe.)


OK, there is Share It by Joe Workman or even his Font Awesome stack and link to the site. Joe also has the Like It stack. There are many other ones out there as well!!

I do support for Joe Workman, so please check out his stacks and his GREAT Foundation Theme


Thought so! Great. Thanks so much :slight_smile: .

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Two brand new contenders for you to consider…

Although both are primarily geared towards giving people the ability to share the current page they are viewing, it would not be hard to customise the links in either stack and have them point directly to your personal Facebook or Twitter profiles.

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Thanks very much, Will!


Have been looking at the Share IT information on the site and the ‘reponsive’ box it not ticked. Does this mean that it will ‘pass’ Google’s mobile test

(sorry if stupid question - am a newbie)