Soft scroll in a "mixed" menu with Foundation

How can I mix normal and in-page navigation using soft scroll on the page?
At I use the Foundation drop-down menu stack.
How can I achieve that the drop-down items under „Explore the network” scroll down softly on the first page?

I think you are using Foundation 6 and Anchors?

When you link to the anchor from your menu, add ‘data-smooth-scroll’ to the link custom attributes.

EDIT: However, if those menu items are on a different page, then you cannot smooth scroll to an anchor on a different page, only on the same page.

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Tank Yogi. This helps.


Hello Joe,
thank you for the quick response. But with my settings it doesn’t work. It seems as if the settings of the menu don’t have any effect on the scrolling.

Dr. Bob’s solution works fine.
Thank you.

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