Solution for Celsius (or Fahrenheit) Superscript-Zero-Sign inside RW content text box?

Hi RW Forum,

Working on a client’s site I faced a small, but an insurmountable obstacle.
Tried to find an appropriate solution in the forum topics, but without success :slight_smile:
Long story short…
Actually, it seems impossible for me to paste the Celsius Degree-Sign (℃ - the small superscript zero) in the text inside the content I’m working on. Yes, my text has been unformatted in order to be used in RW Text Stack, but then the small superscript formatting zero sign has been lost as well.
Maybe it’s an usual situation with a simple solution, but it’s an unsolving problem in my case.

My system: MacOS 10.10.5, RW6, Stacks 3 (the newest update).

Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you all!



Which will look like:


Super-scripting and sub-scripting can give different results in different themes. Some themes have harsh CSS resets which completely nullify the effect. So if the above does not work for you, it might be the result of something in the theme.

Here is a good list of HTML entities worth booking for future reference. The ‘degree’ symbol is listed under math.


Thank you Will for your helpful answer! :slight_smile:
It works!

Have a nice day!

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