Broken Text stack

I fired up RW to find that my Text stacks are broken: all that previously contained a Copy/Pasted Font Awesome icon are now broken, showing the LastResort square instead. This even publishes as LastResort, so I can’t upload any updates to my website.

This happened literally overnight, and I’ve not been able to find a way to restore the font in RW. If I reference a font using HTML, it’s fine, but anything that uses ‘normal’ text is broken.

Manually changing them isn’t an option as there are just too many.

Is there any way I can get RW to fix the ‘lost’ font? I’ve tried installing different versions of FontAwesome, but nothing helps.

Could you have turned smart quotes on? That would cause the url of the font to fail.

Hi Peter.

Well, we have a policy of not using smart quotes in RW, as it’s caught us out in the past, but it may have reset itself. I will check when I next pickup the project.

There were a few unexpected quits before the issue arose, so I grabbed a copy from Time Machine, and that was fine: I think the document must have become corrupted, so I’ve ‘quarantined’ it and made a few backups to keep an eye on it.

Fortunately, the changes between the two files were minimal, but I am a little concerned, especially as the RW file is growing very large, but web standards. I may look at splitting the file into site areas, to lessen any potential problems in future.

I’ve just upgraded to 6.3.3, but now I have other RW issues, with console messages firing off every few seconds. Hopefully just needs to settle down a little, so I’m not fretting too much … at the moment!

Thanks peter.