Broken Text stack

(Kevin Atkins) #1

I fired up RW to find that my Text stacks are broken: all that previously contained a Copy/Pasted Font Awesome icon are now broken, showing the LastResort square instead. This even publishes as LastResort, so I can’t upload any updates to my website.

This happened literally overnight, and I’ve not been able to find a way to restore the font in RW. If I reference a font using HTML, it’s fine, but anything that uses ‘normal’ text is broken.

Manually changing them isn’t an option as there are just too many.

Is there any way I can get RW to fix the ‘lost’ font? I’ve tried installing different versions of FontAwesome, but nothing helps.

(Peter Danckwerts) #2

Could you have turned smart quotes on? That would cause the url of the font to fail.

(Kevin Atkins) #3

Hi Peter.

Well, we have a policy of not using smart quotes in RW, as it’s caught us out in the past, but it may have reset itself. I will check when I next pickup the project.

There were a few unexpected quits before the issue arose, so I grabbed a copy from Time Machine, and that was fine: I think the document must have become corrupted, so I’ve ‘quarantined’ it and made a few backups to keep an eye on it.

Fortunately, the changes between the two files were minimal, but I am a little concerned, especially as the RW file is growing very large, but web standards. I may look at splitting the file into site areas, to lessen any potential problems in future.

I’ve just upgraded to 6.3.3, but now I have other RW issues, with console messages firing off every few seconds. Hopefully just needs to settle down a little, so I’m not fretting too much … at the moment!

Thanks peter.