Sort recources by name

Hi there.

There’s something I do not understand.
The one tme I have to use ‘recources’, I see that they’re listed in random order.

Please sort them by name. Or give us options on how to sort the resources-list.


Hi @MrMacvos
I use resources all the time and you can sort them into folders such as pdf’s.
They are really not in a random order as when you add a resource you can add it to the top so it will be the first one you see if you are trying to add a link to it. Or you can place it anywhere in the list of resources just by dragging it to where you want it to be.

I like adding it to the top of the resources list so it’s easy to find because I usually add a resource when I need to link to it

Hope that helps

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Hello Mary,

That’s ‘ordering’, not ‘sorting’.

I mean really a right-click menu-option ‘Sort by name’, ascending or descending.
See screenshot, for an example for what I mean.


Hi Marc,

Guess I didn’t quite understand that you were looking for a right-click menu option. What I do is “hand sort” manually. Maybe RW 7.4 will have what you are looking for…hope they heard that!