Viewing Photo Resources as a LIST in Rapidweaver 8

(Jimmy Rodgers) #1

I just upgraded to Rapidweaver 8. Generally speaking I’m happy and I’m a longtime RW user.

But as with all releases, there is bound to be a change or two that is annoying. And so far, the most annoying thing I’ve encountered is that Rapidweaver lists all of your resources (photos in particular) in a separate window as giant icons. I HATE THIS. :skull_and_crossbones:

If you’ve got a ton of resources, then this is obnoxious. I just want to see these resources in a list—preferably alphabetical. In every previous version, this list was in the left sidebar and it was a LIST. It was not a separate window with giant icons.

Does anyone know how to change this back to a list? Please tell me there is a way to do this as in every previous version! :pray:

(Rob D) #2

Yeah, the Resources, the Simulator—those are items we hope to get straightened up soon in an upcoming version 8.1…

(Jimmy Rodgers) #3

Okay, thanks! I’m looking forward to that update!

(system) #4

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