Stack Devs: is there a limit on the number of devstacks?

I just added a new devstack to my current project and realized that changes on other stacks are not picked up. After renaming a few .devstacks to .stack, Stacks/RW starts picking up changes again.

Is there a limit on the number of devstack in Stacks?

Yes. I believe it is approximately 20. Don’t quote me on that number, but I believe it is pretty close.

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It’s not on the number of dev stacks but the number of files watched. I don’t recall the exact number. Basically, don’t make a devstack unless you are actively working on it.


Thanks, Gentlemen.
I keep this is mind now.

Out of interest, how to do you manage version numbering and “deployment”? Simply manual changing of the version numbers, renaming devstack to stack by hand or do you have scripts for your projects who create the stack-package?

Do you have the sources in the RW stacks folder or do you symlink them?

I have scripts that manage the version and build numbers for me. They also copy the stacks into the addons folder.

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