Figuring out where a project stack comes from in RW7

Maybe I’m being daft, but it seems like ever since RW7 I’m having a tough time figuring this out - I’ve had to do a from scratch install, and I have projects around with stacks in them. Very often, I can’t figure out where a stack came from or what it is called in the wild.

E.g., I have an “Animate Elements” stack in a project, but can’t figure out who’s stack it is to get it back in my library.

Any recommendations? Thanks!

Jeepers, finally figured out this was a child of the Big White Duck Section Pro stack, so far down the page I was overlooking I’m still in a Section Pro box. Seems like there has to be a better way than this - do we really not have any way to see the author/vendor’s name in stack information in RW7? Hunting through web inspector for some of this is a huge pain.

Anybody? Am I overlooking something obvious? I know I’m really rusty and still wet behind the ears with RW7.