Stack for Downloading Files

I’m looking for a Stack that has the same functionality as File Away for Wordpress. I want to be able to have a directory that I just have to put PDF’s into, and a file list automatically is generated with download links. Here is an example from one on my Wordpress sites:

Any help appreciated!

There is a true download stack by DooBox that does this. You do have to zip the PDF files though first.

I think that FileSafe (, can do the trick also


Reading your post again I think you need to generate the link automatically. I’m not sure FileSafe can do it. But it would be worth reading the instructions.


Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, I do want the link generated automatically, as we regularly dump PDFs in and out of a directory, and the person doing it is not a web person. Just someone who knows enough to open an FTP folder and upload/delete files. Looking for an idiot proof solution!

Maybe this;