File management stack

I would like to inquire about a possible future stack. Do you think there is need for file management stack? A stack that would allow website users to upload and delete files from a folder preset by the website developer (you)? What features should such a stack have? Password protection seems obvious, but what else? Email notification? Image compression? Please share your thoughts.


You know this could be done with ftp? Are you thinking about developing such a stack? Why would these users need to upload or download. Add/delete content? Maintenance?

I know this could be done with ftp and I do it this way. The thing is the customers want to add / delete images, music files or videos on their websites and making them install an ftp app is out of the question. I’ve just had a discussion with one of the developers about such a stack and we wanted to see if there is market for it. I also know of 2 existing solutions: WeaverFM - a plugin which is difficult to integrate with stacks and its UI is a bit outdated. The second is total CMS - a great solution but often too expensive - not suitable for smaller projects. I think that there is no stack solution.

Maybe check with @barchard about making you a custom stack (I believe he does that) or check on WeaverFM update possibility.

Understood… I haven’t priced the CMS systems but I know there are some others available if you look and search around. Good Luck.

Look closely at the cms systems because at least some you cannot specify the upload directory, everything goes to fixed directories. @willwood just released droplet stack which takes care of the upload side nicely. and I think Joe has a stack that will show files on a server directory - not sure about removing them though.

The thing is I’ve been discussing it with a developer and he might be interested in developing such a stack. But would anyone (apart from me) would be interested in purchasing such a stack? If so what features would such a stack need to have?

I have setup a file transfer page using WeaverBox with success. It works well and has all the features I looked for. Except one: there is no way to delete files. As the folder is filled overtime, it becomes important to delete old stuff. I can do that via FTP of course, but I would like my client to be able to do it herself. So this feature would be quite important to me and I’d be happy to get a tool for it. Preferably a stack.
If it would include the upload form, that would be fine and allow me to replace WeaverBox. Features required: customizable upload form with a few fields (name, company, e-mail etc.), drag&drop functionality for uploading, notification of both uploader as well as admin of the page, direct link to the uploaded file in the e-mail.
Let me know if you need to know anything more or if a stack like this is available! Highly interested!


I am looking exactly for such a stack :slight_smile: Total CMS is too expensive for me. So I am looking for an alternative, so that clients can manage their files online.

Some stacks already support to use all files in a folder for their purpose, e.g.

  • Instacks Photo stream stack
  • Stacks4Stacks: ProGallery and Playlister

Main requirements for me:
Show files, show images as thumbnails, delete files.

Nice to have:
Image compression

I don’t need a protection, because I will integrate it into Easy CMS, or an other solution.

Which developer do you contacted?


I am working on a FTP Browser stack. Stay tuned.


That are good news :slight_smile:

One more stack that can display all images in a given folder is SuperFlex3 by Nick Cates Design.

I hope that the FTP browser will allow our customers not only to browse but also upload and delete files.
Being able to localize it would also be fantastic


An FTP type stack would be ideal, since it would make the destination flexible. I’ve been looking for a file management system for a while and the current solutions lack permissions management or they are local to the server only etc.

I can work this out in much more detail, but here are a few high-level use cases.
The basis of all these solutions would be to keep the user(s) in one place to manage and view all.

PS. This would not exclude using the dropbox API to manage files. There are some cool ways that this could be used to “manage” files. I have not seen anyone use that, but had a solution written that allowed for that a few years ago.

Simple use case: A non administrative user who is a technical writer needs to upload and delete pdf documents to a website in order to maintain a series of instructional documents for various readers.

Expanded Case: A non administrative sales manager needs to upload and delete presentations for clients or co-workers to see, some are public and some are private. The private files are uploaded in such a way that they will be visible on a page that is secured with a login/permissions system.

Case3 (this one is probably handled better by a program like CrushFTP, but for starving artist it may be a great need) : A non administrative client wants to upload files to be used for further processing/editing. The files need to be visible in a client specific directory in order for the client to “see” what has not been processed yet. In order for the process to be as simpel as possible, the receiving party/site owner provides access to the same file management area via the browser, in order for its staff to download and delete files they are working on. The most important part of this process is the creation or setup of client specific directories.

I too am very interested in a file management stack. A user-friendly GUI to view, upload, drag & drop, and delete files in administrator created folders would be a nice feature to offer clients. There are a number of stacks that access and present files from a folder that need a RW native GUI rather than an external FTP app. Creation of and display of thumbnails and image compression would be nice. I have WeaverFM, but its interface and features need an update.

I have a running prototype for a PHP Filemanager, based on a Stacks add-on.
Have to finish some other tasks before I am able to complete and release this one as a product.

Here is a sneak preview:


How about ftp stack?

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In the making, but needs some more weeks until release.

First vacation :airplane: :sunny: :sunglasses:

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Wow very modern interface…I ALSO WANT to buy a stack like this. Please prioritize your time wisely, make money (by selling this FTP stack)…then go on vacation :wink:

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Never release a new product before going on vacation.
No real possibility of doing customer support during that time :frowning: