Stack for tickel sale in rapidweaver?

(tomas nittner) #1

good day, rapidweaver pundits,
i took over a site that was done in word press ( and of course i would love to redesign it in rapidweaver. they picked the "lush"theme in wordpress which seems to be specialized for music and other events and where you can buy tickets directly online. is there a stack in our beloved web environment for that?
thanks much, tomas

(Dylan Banks) #2

I’m not aware of any ticket selling stacks, but you can easily integrate something like Picatic into any website.

(scott williams) #3

I integrated a ticketing system for a client. Check for scripts.

(Brian LaPan) #4

I’ve used Eventbrite before for ticket sales and was very happy with the experience.

(tomas nittner) #5

thanks much everybody, very helpful! greetings,

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