Thinking about getting Rapidweaver, any advice on any other essential plugins like stacks?

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Hello everyone, I’m thinking about getting Rapidweaver. I’ve been looking through the site, doing a bit of research and it looks like this stacks plugin is an essential purchase.

Are there any other plugins people consider essential like stacks. I know it might be difficult to pin down what is ‘essential’ as I suppose it depends on the site, but any advice before purchasing would be greatly appreciated.

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Chris Illsley

(David) #2

This recent similar post might be helpful:

(Doug Bennett) #3

As for plugins stacks is a must. I would suggest you go slow at purchasing too much to fast. There are lots of stacks once you have the stacks plugin that you can add as you go.

It’s really easy to spend a bundle on stuff you might never use.
In the reply above from David that post lists a bunch of free or try before you buy sites to check out.

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Thanks for link David

(Chris Illsley) #5

Thanks Doug, appreciate advice.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #6

All depends on what you are trying to achieve. You can do a search on the RapidWeaver Community page by category

(joe k) #7

May i just say that the info and help on this forum is first class !!..thanks to all, i know that i will have to spend just about £130.00 to get all of my site up and running with the six pages i need , i apprecaite all the info here …thanks


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