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Is there a possibility to add a logo, an image to Marker in the Open Street Map Stack? I would like to display only the logo or image in the map instead of the marker.

You might be able to do it with something like Joe Workman’s Target stack which lets you define a custom element ID.

Alternatively, another approach could be something like this?


Have you tried using html?

Nope, the marker / pin cannot be replaced by an image.

Cheers, Jannis

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The marker can only remain in place of the text picture. I did not try HTML. Stack HotSpotsPro3 can only be used with a non map image.
Something like that in the picture.

Here’s Jannis’ stack used with Target. You’d have to play around with the settings but it looks like it’ll work.


Yes, thats possible.

Add following text in the marker text field:

<img src='https://url_to_img'><br>RESTAURANT



That’s what I need. Thank you

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