Fully functional Google Maps stack?

I’ve created some Google maps like this one: New Urbanist places - Google My Maps and would like to post on my site with full Google Maps functionality of pan, zoom, etc. And when clicking on a marker, it’s important that it bring up all the info saved with the marker. Is there an existing stack that does this?

This is all on Google…they have taken away a lot of functions

Are you saying it can’t be done, or it’s just not as good as it used to be after Google made their changes?

Regarding markers, a lot has improved in OSM3. It might not exactly fit your example, but take it into consideration.



Jannis, can you zoom out in OSM3 with no particular marker selected? When selected, the info box quickly covers entire countries when the zoom level is continental or larger. My map in the original post is global, so it’s an issue there. Also, how would I port my map to OSM3? Does OSM3 simply read the Google map and put it in one of the OSM3 styles, or do I have to create it from scratch?

As you’re able to use stacks content for the marker content, you’re able to define yourself how large/how much space this marker covers. You’re able to zoom out quite a bit, but the marker will not reduce its size then.
I have to admit the demo content isn’t perfect.

As said, it will not be as your example, just an idea how it could look like.

Unfortunately you would have to create it from scratch.

OUCH!! It took weeks of work to build that map! If there were some way to port the information over, that would be very useful to me, but I don’t have the time or energy to start all over again. I can download the data as a KML file; I encourage you to look into how you might import KML data instead of reconstructing by hand.

As it is a nice idea, I don’t think this feature would have a lot of users. Sorry for that.

You could always embed the Google maps on your site by using the html stack and enter the url of your map

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The stack Maps2 by Doobox may do what you want. It’s no longer supported officially by Doobox, but it’s still working.
You see an example here: ecco-network.com
You will have to enter the information for the markers in RapidWeaver.

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@Prodrive that’s basically the functionality I’m looking for, except I really don’t want to have to manually load every instance. Any idea why Doobox no longer supports it?

Maybe because Google Maps is just a hassle to work with?

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That could well be so.

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You could import your KML into a mapbox style and display this map through OpenStreetMap Stack in RW.

Just laying out options here :wink:


Thanks Jannis! I’ll dig into that.

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Thanks to @SteveMouzon OpenStreetMap 3 has now KML file support to load markers to the map.



So apparently my Google Maps stack has been broken as well, sort of. Let me explain…

After some debugging I tried to visit a valid Google Maps URL with one of my know Google Maps API keys.

Apparently Google has disabled all API keys for accounts that do not have a verified billing account setup. This included my Google account. In order to verify my account, I had to input my credit card again and upload photos of both a valid government ID and the credit card used. This is pretty insane. Why does Google need this purely to charge me a fee for a service.

Anyways, I have done this. But it will take time for them to verify my account. We will see if this ultimately fixes the situation.

I suspect after my account has been verified, everything will begin working again (for me). This means that you will have to do this in order to get your API Keys working as well.


After going through the registration procedure the DooBox stack works without problems on our site.

That’s good for you for now, but it’s no longer available or supported by the developer.

I think the complicated process that @joeworkman just went through is an example of why developers are offering less and less addons that are dependent on 3rd parties like Google and Facebook.

Every time these companies make any changes at all it breaks the addons. They’re constantly making changes.


Your map has an embed link. Why not just use that? You even get your fancy sidebar.

Just copy and paste the iframe code into a regular HTML stack.