Stack page naming

(Stephan Römer) #1

Hey all,

after having published my website, I noticed that the stacks page ressources habe names like: stacks_page_page0.css and stacks_page_page0.js. Is there a way to give these ressources meaningfull names like stacks_home.css and stacks_home.js? Or is this behavior really on purpose and should be left as it is?



(Mark Sealey) #2


You can - and should - name the pages meaningfully, in the Inspector.

But Stacks’ names are used internally and are best left alone.

(Stephan Römer) #3

Hey Mark!

Thanks for the info. Yep, the pages are named already. I will leave the stacks pages alone, then :wink:



(Mark Sealey) #4

Welcome, Stevie; good luck!