Stacks name from RW Show #39

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Hey Isaiah, have you ever thought of naming the Stacks Plug-in Stacker in the next versions. It stacks 'Stacks!" :slight_smile:

Love the plug-in and its stacks. A life saver and gamer changer for me regardless of the name!


I think I recall Isaiah saying that he had plans to name it something else but the masses got a hold of it and ended up all being called stacks.

The irony is that I tried soooooo hard to get people to stop calling an addon for Stacks “a stack”. Originally, in the beta, way back in 2009, they were called “Slices”. But as hard as I pushed simply no one would call them by that name.

So, I changed tack… I started calling them Elements – I thought it was a bit less cute than “slices” and maybe that would take. In Stacks 1 and even as late as Stacks 2.5 the Library popup was titled “Elements” and then later in 2.5 “Stack Elements”.

And then, sometime around 2012 I just threw in the towel. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. But even our manual and Stacks itself listed “Stack Elements” until just six months ago.

So in Stacks 3 and in all the docs and everywhere we switched everything over to “a stack”.

The only way I’ve found to keep good track of this – and believe me it isn’t easy – is to get pedantic about the grammar: “a stack” is a countable noun (not proper noun), so we write “a stack” – with an indefinite article “a” and is not capitalized. Contrast this to “Stacks” which is a proper noun, has no article and is always capitalized.

AND… I find it absolutely hilarious and more than tad ironic, that after battling against this tide for 8 solid years – that this topic finally comes just six months after i capitulated. :stuck_out_tongue: