Stack vs. plugin vs. add on

As a relative novice in rapidweaver, and I am expanding my capabilities but am getting confused. I have tried searching for clarification but to no avail.

What is the difference between a stack vs. plugin vs. add on

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I will try to explain…

Stacks (upper case S) is in fact a plug-in. A plug-In adds a page type to RW
stacks (lower case) are add-on’s that work within a Stacks(the plug-in) page type.

You have to have the Stacks Plug-in installed to create a Stacks page which use the add-on stacks that give you specific functions.

Stacks (the plug-in) can be purchased from

There are a lot of developers who make the stacks that work with it.


Just to add to the excellent clarification by Scott: Stacks, stacks, plug-ins and themes are all add-ons.

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thank you for the clarification!

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I recommend watching a site build video by one of the stacks developers. Try foundation by joe workman, there are 3 or more videos on his site or youtube that will make the how it works more clear.


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