Stacks 3 / RW Project Size Reduced


Has anyone else seen there RW project size reduced since installing Stacks 3?

When I review my RW project size in Time Machine:

26th August
Website 1 was 126.3 Mb
Website 2 was 271.2 Mb

Installed Stacks 3 on 27th August

28th August
Website 1 is 99.3 Mb
Website 2 is 184.9 Mb

Wondered if anyone else had seen this file size reduction?

I’ve checked my RW projects and all pages and stack are there and working.


If you have time machine versions of these things, I’d be happy to take a look at the internals of the files and report on what is different between them.

Almost all the real file size of an larger RW project is in the media – the images stored in the project. So, my guess would be that it has do with a change that has been made recently to the images.

However, without more data on the subject, I don’t know that it’s productive to guess at what else might be the cause. If you send me the before and after files I can give provide you more detail by looking at their internals a bit.

If you’d like you can sign on to and send each project file zipped in a private message to me there.


Hi Isaiah

I have zipped up a copy of my current RW6 project and a restored copy from the 22-AUG-15 (93Mb & 126Mb) and uploaded to you on Slack for you to compare.

Thanks for your support

Thanks! Got it.

And for those following along, it looks like a small optimization (removing old unused images) that we made in S3 had a large impact on these particular projects. All is verified as A-OK. Thanks Heppys_Golf for sending the files so quickly!!!



Great Support. Congrats on Stacks 3!