Stacks and error log files

This morning I found I had an error_log file of about 600 Mb. I think these error-log files are produced by Stacks. Beyond manually deleting these files, is there any way to stop/delete them? I vaguely remember something about Stacks 3 beta and error_log files, but my memory might be bad on this matter. At any rate I’d like to stop these being generated. It seems like one of these files grew from almost nothing to almost 600 Mb overnight. Weird.

Any suggestions or advice?

Where is the file located?

Joe: I also replied via Slack. Here’s the message:
These logs are located at various locations. The super big one, which I deleted, was located at:
However, I removed most of the stacks from that page since it was hidden from view and just used for testing things out. I have a smaller error_log file here:

BTW, I downloaded a BU of my hosting contents before making changes. So I can always send you the big 600 Mb error_log file!