Update Checker Problem: Stacks vanish

Dear Forum Members,

I just wanted to post about a problem AND A FIX.

That is, sometimes after updating something, an “Update Checker” gets left in the folder where I keep the Stacks addons.

When that happens, NONE of the stacks I have purchased through the years are available.

When it first happened, I thought my stacks had been erased.

It turns out that the “Update Checker” file left in the folder somehow prevents access to the stacks.

When I erase the Update Checker file, my stacks are accessible again.

This must be some kind of bug.

Traci Slatton


I’ve done a global search in all the Stacks I have and all of Stacks internal code and nothing is named “Update Checker” and I have never seen this particular file.

Are you 100% sure that the file was named this? Do you know how the file got there? Do you still have the file? I’d like to take a look at it and see if I can determine where it’s coming from.


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Hi Isaiah,

I deleted the files but I can see them as deleted files in Dropbox.

Please see attached screenshots.

These files MUST be deleted or Rapidweaver thinks I have no stacks except the few basic ones.


hmmm… not quite sure what to make of that image. I’d still like to see the guts of that file. I’d love to know what app/whatever is creating it.

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