Stacks Library Icons of User Folders?

Is there some other viewing option for the Library vertical list of icons? The ability to create stacks folders and organize is great, but without a clear way to distinguish one folder from another, it becomes a guessing game. I think a solution might be a mouse hover tool tip showing the name of the folder, or the addition of text in the vertical band that shows the library icons.

As far as I know, there is not a way to do this. Many people have asked for it, but only @isaiah or @girlcarew would be able to answer that.

Hi @bruce, you can move your cursor to the right edge and expand that section to see text that you defined for each folder.

First though, you have to expand the library section from the right side.

I’ve chatted with YourHead about this and asked for an alt tag to display when hovering over a created group in a future update.

Hope that helps


Nice tip Brad, thanks for that. That does not work on smaller screens like MacBooks though, then no room to edit. But works great on a desktop!! :smiley:

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True that @zeebe, should have been clearer, sorry :smile:

If you minimize the site pages and close the inspector there should be enough room on a MacBook no?


That works nice Brad. I do think the tool tip hover will be the best solution in the future.

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The tip hover is a great idea. Or different color choices for folders (I know it messes the design element, but function wins every time for me)