The List of Stacks in the Library isnt right!

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RapidWeaver Version: 6.3.4 (15071)
System Version: 10.11.1
Hardware: 15-Inch MacBook Pro mid 2012, 2.3GHz Processor, 500 GB SSD Storage, 16GB Memory.

Selecting the Library icon, brings up a list of Stacks, BUT in the list of Stacks all the images and templates are included, below the Stacks icon, there are icons specifically for Images and Templates, so why include them in the list of Stacks ?
The list of Stacks when it includes the Images and Templates is far too LONG that it seems to take forever to scroll down this endless list to find the Stack i am looking for

Expected Result:
In Rapidweaver 5 i am sure that Stacks, templates and images were listed in separate lists

You can arrange he Stacks by Author, Tag or Title.
You can view the icons Small, Medium or Large size.

This really isn’t a bug for RapidWeaver either.

In the Stacks Preferences you can choose what is included (it’s the checkboxes at the bottom of the first tab) in the main stack library group.

For folks that have lots of stacks or big projects (like most of the frequent posters here) it’s probably nicer to turn some of those off – but for the new users having everything in one place makes things a bit more discoverable while they’re getting going.

I changed this from Stacks 2 purposefully. The old way caused constant confusion and wasn’t very discoverable at all.

This change is an intentional feature for new users – with a preference to customize this behavior for pros – I think it’s about the right split for both noobs and pros alike. :smile:


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@isaiah the Master has spoken, sorry about that, i obviously got that post in the wrong section, oop’s. perhaps it should go in the, section “suggestions for RW7” ?

I have NOW explored the display options more thoroughly now, and have REVERSED the order, i didnt know i could do that, so i now have the STACKS at the top of the list, with Images and Templates lower down, MUCH BETTER that way :relaxed: but personally i still think it would be better to have a separate ICON for all 3 , stacks, templates and images !

Thanks to @zeebe and @Trystero for your valued input.


Yes. All of those things are available. Just look in the Preferences. :smile:

@isaiah I am terribly sorry isaiah but where do i find “stack preferences” please , from your screen shot i can see that will be the answer to my original question :sunglasses:

What bug ?, there never was a bug LOL.


it’s here:

@isaiah thank you so very much, O Master :relieved: