Stacks - Library Sort

I just moved to a new machine and did a clean install. I exported my add-ons from the old machine and imported to the new machine. My projects come up OK…but I’m noticing sort issues in my Stacks Library (probably just my ignorance). For example, Foundation Stacks aren’t grouped together when I sort on Joe Workman. Is this just a switch I have missed? Also, everything on the Tag icon (in the far left sidebar) seems inaccessible to me, i.e. is grayed down.

Something I’m missing?

Thx for any guidance!


I’m on my iPad right now but, from memory at the bottom of the stacks library (left side where updates are) there’s a button I think is called library or something like that. One of the options is arrange or view.

You’ll find it by looking yourself. It allows you to change the order. Probably you had that set a specific way and after the clean install your back to the default.

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