Sorting stacks by developer in RW6

Hi all,
Just did the upgrade from RW5 to RW6.
All stacks are sorted by developer in RW5. In RW6, they are not.
A little difficult now when using Joe’s Foundation stacks. They are all mixed. Chaos.
Couldn’t find how to change that. Been googleling a lot but still a no go :sweat:

Any suggestions?


Click on Library. Click on ‘Arrange Stacks’. Click on ‘By Author’. Done. No?

Nope, and yes :slight_smile:

They are sorted by developer, ok. But still in chaos.

In RW5, the sorting is like: Foundation - Layout, Foundation - Forms, Foundation - Content, Foundation - Buttons & Navigation, etc.

Do we need to tag them all by ourself, in order to get the sorting like in RW5?

So it seems I do not overlook something here. It just doesn’t sort in RW6 like it does in RW5.
Thanks to Joe Workman support

“” Joe Workman support answer:

I would make a group and call it Joe’s stacks and add them to it. We have no control over that though. You would have to contact the makers of the Stacks plugin, which is Yourhead

Robb “”