Strangeness in the Sidebar!

(Simon Palmer) #1

Hi Folks,

A strange thing is happening in the side bar which I cant figure out. I’m using Font Awesome icons, which are then linked to either other oages on the website or offsite (Instagram). On some pages they work fine. However on others they dont!

For example, on the home page they dont work and if I take a working link from another page and copy it in, then it fails to work. Is this a case of me being an idiot? What have a done wrong?

Not working:


(Jason Bostick) #2

I’m not familiar with the theme but I wonder if it has something to do with the Footer. When I try to inspect the icons on the non-working page, I can’t select them because they’re appearing “behind” a layer above it. (See screenshot).

In your working page, the footer is below everything, in a seperate container, it would seem…

(Simon Palmer) #3

Thanks Jason,

Is there a way of forcing the sidebar to load as the top element. Is it the Z function in CSS?

(Jason Bostick) #4

Could be. Unfortunately I’m not any good at figuring out CSS. Unless someone else can chime in, I’d drop the developer a line. I believe @MultiThemes makes the Lander theme, maybe they can point you in the right direction.

(Doug Bennett) #5

It looks like the footer on the broken page appears in the sidebar. In the working page, the footer is at the bottom of the page. The content in the sidebar is different. The footer should be at the bottom of your sidebar in both cases.

I would check what you have in your sidebar; you may have something that is screwing up the HTML, so the sidebar division never gets closed.

(Simon Palmer) #6

Thanks Doug, I’ll go look and strip the sidebar down.


(Simon Palmer) #7

An updated thank you to Doug and Jason for your help. I found a couple of rogue

in there, and removing them makes the icons work.

So, by removing a

this “div” is now happy!

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