(Streamline Theme) Website appears briefly and then dissapears when browsing on an iPad or iPhone in landscape

I am using the Streamline ThemeI have a problem that just started happening. When I visit my website on an iPad or iPhone in landscape mode it appears then goes away. It works in the simulation in RapidWeaver 8 but live no bueno!

Any ideas?

My site is: www.millionlearning.com



Works in landscape on my Iphone (XS Max) though most of the section under ‘What we Do’ is unreadable as the columns are too narrow for the content and they’re not breaking into a vertical appropriately (actually they don’t on the portrait version either). No idea why its not showing for you.

Thanks so much! I don’t know either… I have tried them on other devices and they work fine but on the iPhone X and the iPad Pro 10.5… well, no show! Not even on the built in simulator in RW8.

So frustrating!

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