Styling Blog Post Pages - Main Titles, Margins & Individual Post Titles

Thanks to other posts on this forum I’ve been able to style my blog posts by adding the following CSS code to the main blog page.


These changes allow me to change the font size of the titiles of my blog posts and reduces the white space between each post. What I would like to do now is change the font size on the individual posts when they are open as they are still in a very large font. You can see this on my website at Go to “Julane’s Blog” and look at the size of the title when you open a blog post. Thanks.

First, let me suggest this book that Joe Workman first recommended here.
I’m still studying it :wink:
But I also use stacks, and there are many that could help you and this one is free to try,
Custom Font.
But I would really invest in the book which is unlike many as it is pretty easy to understand.

Give this a try:

.blog-entry-title {
    font-size: 2.5rem;

You can set the size to anything you want. Right now it’s set to 4rem.

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Thanks @teefers. That did exactly what I wanted.

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Thanks @curiouschuck. I’ll check both the book and the stack out. I need all of the help I can get. :wink:

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