Subscription form with auto reply email send to user a registration number

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i am looking for a pssibility to create a form where the user can subscribe to a zoom webinar. After successful registration, the user should get an automatic reply answer with a consecutive registration number. This number shall then used later in zoom for a login.

Is this possible at all with rapidweaver and if yes how? Has anyone anything like this before? Is there even a stack for that somewhere? I did not find anything unfortunately

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This functionality would probably require a database. You could do this using Machform - a non Rapidweaver product that is easy to integrate. Each email sent from the webform generates an ‘Entry ID’ and this can be included in the Receipt Email you compose, preceded by any text you want.

So, by using merge tags in the receipt email text you could add “Your registration number is: {{form_id}}” and it will auto-populate the tag with the consecutive ID number.

By default it will start with 1 then 2, 3, 4 etc. However, you can send a test form and change its ID to a longer number and subsequent forms will follow on from the longer number.

Plenty of Rapidweavers use Machform - the main reason I do is that includes secure payments via Stripe or Paypal which is great to have with a full blown form designer. It’s $59 one-off for self hosted or $15pm cloud.

thanks LJ, this looks promising, i will give it a try asap!

though i have no idea which database i should use and how to setup one with machform, donyou have any recommendation for me as well?


If you are doing the self-hosted plan ($59 onetime license) the will set it up for you. Just fill out the form

Or if you want to do it yourself:

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