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There are quite a few contact forms out there that are probably better that the standard rapid weaver one.

Does anyone have any recommendations, ideally one which was stacks friendly so the page layout can be the same.

Thanks in advance as always

There are several that spring to mind.

  1. HTML Contact Form from Doobox - nice and simple, limited layout options but works well
  2. FormsPlus from Chillidog Software - fancy multi step forms with lots of different field types and funky features
  3. Formloom by Yabdab - very sophisticated plugin which can be used on Stacks page courtesy of the included Formloom3 remote stack.

And of course both Foundation and Foundry have nice looking, powerful form builders built in.

However, if all you want is a basic form with perhaps a few bits and pieces in the sidebar, then the built in page type is OK too.



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Hi @rapidbernardos58 The best forms stack isn’t a stack at all, but a 3rd party add-on called MachForm ( It is unbelievably easy to incorporate into any RapidWeaver project, the styling options are great, the emails that automatically (if you desire) go back to the submitter are formatted gorgeously, and perhaps best of all, once the MySQL database is setup, you never, ever touch it again. If you add or delete fields to the form (or forms) down the road, MachForm takes care of updating the database automatically. And, if working with a database isn’t your thing, the owner of MachForms will handle it all for you, for free. I recommend searching this forum for MachForm and read up a bit about it…I, and others, highly recommend it.



I agree with you. I’ve been using MachForms and with jus a couple minor hiccups, it has been working great.

Even does payments via PayPal, Stripe,, and Braintree.

I just started using it about 2 months ago, but already have 5 forms that I use it for. All of which collect payments through Paypal.

But it is just as easy to do a Contact Form.


I am curious about this form. So we install it on our own server but once I create a form then how do I add it in your RW project? Use HTML block? iFrame or embed it? external link to the form?

Thank you

Yes, that’s right. In the MachForm panel there is an option to copy the html and you can just paste in into a text or html stack and plop it onto any page. It won’t be exactly the same format as the rest of your theme, but it looks surprisingly good, and you do have options on a lot of the formatting.

The one downside when compared to something like FormSnap (stacks based form where each function is an individual stack) is that it is one big slog, so inserting stacks inside areas of the form are not possible.

The biggest advantage is it is just SO easy and fast to make really complex forms and applications. And its a very mature product, so its fairly bullet-proof. Oh, and the statistical output possibilities for things like surveys are extremely user-friendly also.

They will also give you a few lines of javascript and it will add it. They have many options for adding the form to your site.

You can also style it with custom CSS.

I have a form here that you can see.

It was just something I threw together tonight so people can order tickets.

Cool thank you for sharing.

So far foundation forms been working out for me until I learn to style it some with css one of those days when I am not so busy lol

As mentioned above, there are several ways to incorporate a form. To date, I have them installed in over fifty sites - and everyone of my clients is very, very happy with them.

Open in a new page:

The logic it employs is great. You can make questions appear based on previous answers (in the first example, click on Preferred Location and then select a location)

You can also have emails sent to different people, depending upon answers provided. So, in this case, if Charlotte is chosen, the email is sent to a group of people in Charlotte. If Triad (Winston-Salem) is selected, the email goes to that group of schedulers instead.

If the client needs to add/delete/edit a question, they can do so without any involvement from me (they have access to a control panel that allows them to modify the forms, look & feel, etc.).

And, again, if working with a MySQL database isn’t up your alley, MachForm will set everything up for free. Or, you can use their cloud-based solution (all of my installations are on the client’s own server).

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