Suggestions for marking up my images

Any suggestions for marking up my images throughout my site to be Google desirable?
Is there a plug-in or script for this?
I’m interested in the images having a caption description for google.
h2 propety= img scr= alt=
Some type of layout close to that
Any ideas?
I use RW7 and can’t upgrade for a long time.

Thank you for any help!

Most image stacks (assuming you are using Stacks ?) lets you add an alt tag in the stack info. There also a variety of stacks that let you add a header tag. I typically use the image and header stacks as part of Foundation.

I’ve not come across an image stack that lets you set the image caption as an H1 to H6 tag but I am sure someone more experienced than me can chip in.


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Thank you.

Just drop in an image stack and then drop a header stack above or below it. Adjust the padding/margin as needed and set the heading size. All done!

And to go one step further…

  • Make a partial from those two stacks.
  • Unpin the image and the header text.

Now you have a reusable partial that is pre-configured to have the same header settings, padding, and margin all configured the way you like them. And you can reuse it anywhere you need to in your project. Just drop in the correct image and change the caption as necessary.

And here’s the big win…
If you decide you want to adjust the caption header size later – say to make it an H3 instead of an H4 – you just open up the partial and change it once. Then every place you’ve used that partial in your whole project will get updated with your new header size changes.

This reduces work (a lot!), makes your project more consistent, and is dead easy to do. It’s all win!!!

For simple stuff like this – a partial is almost like building your very own personal stack.

And that is exactly the problem I designed partials to solve. So thank you for asking the perfect question. :slight_smile:


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Rarely am I accused of asking the perfect question so glad I can help. Thanks for the suggestion - time for me to rethink the use of partials other than my normal site styles, menu and footer!

Now, question 2…


Thank you!

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