How Do I add alt tags to images on a stacks page in rapid weaver 7

HI I jave tried double clicking the image and opening the inspctor but I can’t find alt tags any where

(RW7) - Double click image > Inspector > Alt tag


Hi Thanks for your help.

I wonder why they don’t have it on the same menu as the meta tags.

Thanks again


I answered the question here:

also: it’s probably best just to post the question once. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love to answer questions about the organization of the user interface. It’s something that I get to think about a lot. :thinking:

Meta tags also get edited in the same righthand sidebar, like all settings, but since they’re a property of the page as a whole, often quite numerous, and sometimes very complex they need quite a bit of space. Because they’re a property of the page, they belong with the other page properties, settings, and data: in the tabs at the top of the sidebar. They didn’t always have their very own tab, but in the past 8-10 years meta tags have gotten pretty important. Meta tags are the 4th tab in the sidebar.

Image alt tags are are just a single property on a single image and are best if they’re not too long. An alt tags is just an image property, so it belongs with the other image properties. And because they’re not too long, they just get a single little field.

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