Suitable formatting across different width screens?

Hi all, i just got my Site looking good on my Lap Top, but when i preview at iPhone size, the PADDING at the sides is much too wide and it looks awfull !

I have looked at the various settings on a lot of Stacks and Themes and it looks as if there isnt a setting to have different Padding settings for different width of screen !.

Am i missing something ?. I saw a post somewhere on here or on Weavers Space that somebody could select 1% padding on iPhones, 2% padding on iPads and 3% padding on Lap Tops and bigger !!! that would be ideal, but which Stacks/Themes have this setting ? please


That’s one of the reasons I developed my PADDY stacks for my Templates. 3 ranges of padding can be setup but you are not restricted to iPhone or iPad as you have complete control over when each padding is adjusted. Sometimes you even need more padding on small devices to stop the content getting too large.


OK @webdeer GARY, thanks for that info, i shall get onto that straightaway, brill.


@webdeer Hi Gary, i had just made up my mind to purchase your Template 1 with free Paddy stacks, but i have to admit i cannot find the BUY NOW button !!! Is there one ?


You had me worried there. It is on the main Templates page at . Thanks

@webdeer thanks Gary, i can see the button now, thanks I must have had the wrong glasses on LOL.