SVG issue with safari Pinned tabs

I’m redoing my website from a million years ago. I went ahead and made a logo to be used for the various web icons. Everything seems to be ok so far except for the Safari pinned tab. I created an SVG version of my logo in Affinity Designer, but t he logo shows up as a solid black letter R. I would like it to be in color so it can communicate Bothe an R and a P (my initials). I have some other pinned tabs that show up in color, with gradients no less. I even have a pinned tab from my old website (RW 4 or 5!) where my logo shows up in color, but not here. Any suggestions? I just discovered pinned tabs a little bit ago, and don’t want to be defeated by them lol. Thanks in advance.

Almost forgot - in case it’s not obvious, my png logos have a texture added to them, but the SVG logo is a clean vector version saved in SVG. I really don’t think the issue is with the logo itself.

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Hi Robert,

are you sure you completely vectorised your logo before saving it into an SVG? Textures (pixelated) don’t work in SVG. You should consider solid colours for your background and logo for the SVG Safari pinned tab. They show up as very tiny images anyway.


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Hi - Thanks for your response. The logo that I used for the svg was an svg. While it had a gradient, the other more textured logos are actually different.

Something interesting has happened though - I had my old logo show up in a pinned tab just fine. I don’t think I ever created an svg for it way back when. As I went to update everything, all of my subdomains use the new logo when pinned, all except for the site when I added an svg. Outside of witchcraft, the only thing I can think of is if there is no SVG present, whatever png you’re using will take its place. Why they would ask for an SVG for this when the png does things more accurately I don’t know, but I’m going to try removing there svg and uploading things again. Thanks for your help!

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