Safari Pinned Tabs

Apologies if this has already been covered but I notice that my pinned tabs are very small and barely noticeable in Safari (version 14) . Is there a suggested vector svg file size that I should be providing Rapidweaer in order for me to be able to see this tab ? I’m assuming that the vector svg in the web icons feature of Rapidweaver is where I should be going to resolve this ? See an example pinned tabs here Kind Regards | Justin

This is my fav site for this…

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Tell me @joeworkman , do you use the “Insert the following code in the section of your pages” option - or do you instead download the favicon package of icons and then insert these into the ‘web icons’ feature in Rapidweaver ? Thanks for the heads up. Justin :slight_smile:

IconFly Web is what I use. It generates a complete package in seconds. The svg file I add usually is made in Illustrator since most of the logo’s I have to use for clients are vectors. Svg is vector based, so dimensions are less important here. RW ‘web Icons’ work perfectly for me.


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