SVG Logo Support

(mark hunter) #1


I know this has been discussed previously, but it looks like we’re still waiting for support for SVG logos - ie to be able to drop an svg into the logo ‘well’?

If this is still the case has someone found a reliable work around to achieve it - something like a svg- warehouse stack inside one of the positioning stacks (Target, Teleporter etc)



(Rob D) #2

Perhaps this will interest you: the free GraphicStack from Will Woodgate.

(Jochen Abitz) #3

You can drop a SVG into the logo setup in RW. It does work. :slight_smile:

(mark hunter) #4

So it does, what fooled me was it isn’t showing up in the logo setup well when I drag it in, but it is displaying as it should on page preview.

I’ll try it with other SVG files to see if it’s the same - does it display in the logo setup well with you Jochen?

Many thanks



(Jochen Abitz) #5

I use Affinity Designer to create SVGs and this works well in the logo setup. A little bit small, but I don’t care either.

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