Swapping from Rapidweaver to Wordpress?

I’ve been using Rapidweaver for some time now and am happy with it, my business partner is new to building sites and has started by learning Wordpress. Now he’s suggesting that all our new sites are built in WP because building isn’t too complex and once completed the client can then control their own site without any need for integrating CMS.

So what ARE the benefits of using Rapidweaver over Wordpress nowadays?
What can I tell him that might make him realise that WP isn’t the be all and end all?

See here:

and here:

Better yet, why not keep both options and then you have a heftier toolbox for clients?

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+RW: The biggest reason I can see to use RW and not WP is if you are doing custom styling or themes. WP theme are huge and frankly a pain.

+RW: Normally customer and tech support is better.

+WP: Having said that, with JetPack, WP is very fast to set-up and good-enough to get a quick social ready website up.

Bottom line: If you are a designer or do any custom work, you have a much better chance including good looking results with RW.

The problem with Wordpress is that you must invest a lot of time in updating all plugins and Wordpress itself, otherwise Hacker can hack your sites. So for small websites Rapidweaver is the better choice.

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I like Rapidweaver because it has some really good plug ins for audio streaming.

I would stay away from WordPress since the effort to always keep the sites you’re building as hacker-safe as possible will be enormous. Look here:

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I have worked in WP in the past but I lost an important website to hackers. That changed my mind. I have been a RW user for about 5 years (sounds like a statement from Rapidweavers Anonymous). The community is growing, the tools are improving and the developers are very approachable. CMS now is possible. But the best part for me is that I can make any type of website I choose to make and in any style I like. Stick with it. It will only get better.


Thanks everyone for your input :-).

Personally I don’t let clients touch any site I put my name to unless they have some decent design / layout skills - and few do. They cut and past directly from Word with associated hieroglyphics; add images direct from 18megapixel cameras so we all have a coffee while they load; don’t check spelling and grammar; get everything out of alignment; use multiple colours in text, mix fonts; don’t digitally correct photographs etc etc. the list is endless.

When prospective clients look at your portfolio do you really want them to see all that? It will reflect badly on you.

If the client has a simple text area that needs very regular updating then fine - that’s easily doable in RW.