Temporary parking of a new website for proofing


I’ve seen this before on the forum, but I can’t find it. I’m in the process of building a new website for a client. Where can I publish it briefly for proofing with the customer?



Hey @Diligent1,

Most of us in the business have a staging area. This is a spot where you can display a customers website for them to sign off on.

In my case, it’s a subdomain of my main site, on which I create client specific folders where I publish their work-in-progress site to (and eventually the full site for their approval). If a client has multiple orders active at once, I make subfolders for each order.

I do make sure that the client’s page is behind a password though. This not only keeps it safe from nosey visitors, but also from Google (so it won’t get indexed on my server, leading to weird search results in Google in the long run).

I used to use the RapidWeaver plugin LockDown ($discontinued, Yourhead Software) for setting passwords on staged websites, but since that no longer reliably works on modern Macs (and has been quietly discontinued), I now simply set a password on the clients’ folders in my hosting control panel.




I do appreciate you taking the time to reply.
Thanks so much for the information.
That is very helpful.



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