Tesla Theme - how to add and customize site title

Hello guys I am really hoping you can help me out.

I am using the Tesla theme (free version) and I really tried everything, but I just can’t seem to find how I can change the site title and site slogan.

If you look at the tesla demo website it could be apparently easy to customize it but i don’t find the right css code or anything to change this two things.

My others questions is regarding to customize the font. I need to use one download from internet and i don’t know how to proceed.

Thanks you for you help, much much appreciate .


Hi @charles,

There’s a page that has some tutorials for Tesla Pro here.


General setting : Title - slogan - logo
But perhaps I misunderstood you …

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Hey @Jki,

Thanks for you reply! you’re right man!

I just miss to check the squares and everything appears now.
Did you know how to customize the font?

Many Thanks.


Hey @NeilUK,

Thanks for the link. i’ve looked this tutorials many times but never find the answers.



If you don’t have tesla Pro, you have to deal with CSS if I understand well.
I you have Pro it’s must be in your Master style inspector - Theme inspector.

But I don’t have Tesla Pro, so not sure…

Telsa Pro offers a choose of 3 fonts for the site title, three fonts for site slogan, and two fonts for body. Anything else would require custom CSS.

Hey @Jki, @teefers

Thanks for your answers guys

Did you know where i can find css code regarding font and how to customize them?

thanks you in advance



No sorry, I will try to take a look but I have seen some topic about this problem and some indication to change the CSS in the good place, try with “change police TESLA CSS” or something like that.



For help with custom CSS it’s best to provide more information about what you want to do.
A few things that help people help you would include a URL to your site, what theme you are using (tesla or tesla pro). What font you are wanting to download, and what places on your site do you want the font to be applied.

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