Custom Title Fonts in a theme that has a font selector (Tesla Pro)

I was using the free version of Tesla bundled with Rapidweaver, and I was able to modify the CSS file inside of the .rapidweavertheme file so that the title was a custom font (Cinzel-Regular).

I recently upgraded to the Pro theme, which has a font selector for the title, and my CSS mods are no longer working. Unfortunately, Elixir cannot help - is there anyone here who can shed a light on how to change the Title font of this theme?

I have already tried adding snippets to the CSS pane in RW, which work fine with other themes, but that doesn’t seem to work with Tesla Pro.

Any suggestions?


Have you tried Safari’s Inspect Element (right/control-click while over the title in question), or FireBug for FireFox to reveal that Element, then copying the path to the CSS definition and making sure that you’re isolating exactly that in applying a custom style?

If you care to let us know the URL of the site in question, we’ll try and help!

You should be able to adapt the theme by adding changes to the CSS area as you have tried. To make sure that it will override the theme’s CSS, try adding !important before the semicolon of each element.

Thank you! !important worked perfectly. :slight_smile:

I am trying to do the same thing, but I don’t have ANY snippet to do this. Can you please provide the snippet you are using to accomplish this? My client is insisting on a particular font and (of course) it’s not one of the options. I have informed him it’s not listed in the web safe fonts list, but he still wants it.

All help is appreciated. :slight_smile: