The document “?.rw8” could not be opened

(Alan Murdoch) #1

worked ok 2 days ago but not now
Any ideas?

(David Freels) #2

I’m having the same problem. Projects aren’t saved in RW8. Impossible to rely on, therefore unusable until fixed.

Back to RW 7.

(Doug Bennett) #3

Is it happening on a single project? It appears these maybe two different things from both descriptions? The original post says could not open, the second post says projects aren’t saved.

Anyway I think more information on both issues would be needed to help get them resolved.

(Alan Murdoch) #4

I think this issue arose due to the fact that I was storing my projects in the cloud (Dropbox)
To me it appears there is an issue in synchronisation.
I have moved my projects.
I don’t think Rapidweaver is at fault here just my understanding ie:- misunderstanding
If this is noted somewhere in the literature I missed it.
Thanks for your comments

(system) #5

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