RW8 is not running after 1 Month

Hi, i work on MB 15 / System 10.13.6

  • After 1 Month now my RW8 program crash??

  • I don"t know what i can do?

who can help me? Thanks


Hi Herbi!

Sorry to hear about this. :frowning:

Most things don’t randomly stop working, so something somewhere must’ve changed. Maybe a Mac OS or plugin update, etc.

Can you open/create new projects, or are you not able to open RapidWeaver at all?

Never store project files in th cloud. They can be damaged. That was the problem Herbert had

Sorry to disagree, been storing project files in the cloud for years without issue. If you do it right, you never have problems. Couple of rules to follow:

  1. After finishing for the day/night and after saving. Control/Right click on the project file, and compress (or zip it). This backs up your file in a zip file. That way if the original stops working, you have a back up.

  2. Depending on the “Cloud” product you are using, if the cloud needs to sync, be sure it syncs on ALL DEVICES you use it on (mainly talking about Dropbox here, not sure how iCloud syncs, but I would assume in a similar manner).

  3. If you use a laptop, NEVER CLOSE THE LID OF THE LAPTOP until you are SURE syncing is done. Again, Dropbox is nice, as you can see a green check next to the file that tells you it syncs and the dropbox icon in the menubar will also show a syncing icon and a non-syncing icon. Not sure what other services do.

  4. Always backup, my zipping idea is one, but Time Machine, Carbon Copy Cloner or one of the many other backup software out there. Get it and use it.

It would also be good to read my post here, it does explain some things as well:

Hope this will help anyone from losing any RapidWeaver files they store in the cloud in the future.

Rob, in some points I agree. But the process you describe is so prone to errors that I always recommend not to use clouds for storing RW projects. I have a lot of customers who came in trouble after storing packed documents (not only RW project files) in the cloud (regardless what cloud it was)

Sorry to say that is not my experience, at least with DropBox. I have over 1000 project files I have made and saved on DropBox doing support for Joe. I have only had a problem with two files in over the last 4-5 years. Both were for not following my rules I link to in my post above. The issues were user, not cloud based.

Edit - Was not at home when making this post, just checked, my total project files on Dropbox is currently 1,509. Again, with only TWO errors, both caused by me.