The Joe Workman Comment stack is referencing the wrong website in Face book

I am using the Workman comment stack for FaceBook. When it reveals in FB it has an exploded image of my icon/log. Worse if references another site that has nothing to do with the blog. I edited in the link referring to the site after seeing how it came out.

My Comment stacks have zero control over any of the content added into the comments. All of that is handled by Facebook.

You mean it is supposed to be like that? The first comment is what I added. The part headed DiggsWorld Home is not from that blog or even that web site. It is from another website on the server. Am I understand that this can’t be fixed reliably? This means that when I use this stack, it is a wildcard as to what will show up on FaceBook? Just askin.

Do you have a specific URL where this is happening??

This is where I entered the comments.

This is my FB Page where it shows up.

The attached image is from the comments sight on my website. It has a check box to add the comment to your FB page. Am I missing something about how this is supposed to work? Can it be fixed or should I abandon this stack for adding comments to FB?

I am still confused as to your issue here. Sorry.

I do not see any incorrect links anywhere inside your posts. In case you did not know, I did not develop this commenting system. This is Facebook’s comment system. I have zero control on how it works or its features. My stacks simply make it easy to get them working on your site.

I din’t mean to bang on you Joe. I have a lot of respect for you and have purchased a lot of your products.

No I am not aware of the back end of Comments. Since I bought it from your company, I look to you to fix it, help me fix it or say that it can’t be fixed and this display is normal for this stack.

I am not complaining about the links. My issue is that in the end it does a lousy job of displaying my content. My complaint about that can be seen in the images I provided. If that is what it is supposed to do, then there is no issue, except that I can’t use this stack that I just purchased.

If it is not supposed to do that, then I would like to fix it and make it work as it is expected to.


For what it’s worth, Lawrence, I’ve looked at your site and looked at the image you posted, and I’m with Joe - I still don’t see what the problem is. Could you explain in simple terms what it is about the contents of the image in your OP that you are not happy with?

I may be way off here but the bit that is under Diggs World Home is just facebook pulling info from your site since you reference in your comment. It’ll do that with all links (and usually give you the option to delete it before you post). However, you can change the content of that box by creating facebook open graph meta tags and defining an image, description, etc (I do it via Joe’s SEO Helper stack in foundation. Not sure how to do it manually off the top of my head).

As for FB automatically blowing up your profile icon and inserting it into the post, not sure if you can eliminate that or not other than changing the image to something that you prefer at that size.

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So I tested the comments, and what it does it put a link to your Facebook page on my Facebook feed. This is all coming from Facebook, there is nothing that can be fixed or changed. Like others, I am unsure what you want it to do.

Hi. It seems you need to tell facebook first what kind of information you want facebook to display when someone enters your URL into a facebook post. To do so, you need to add the Facebook open graph tags og:image and og:description. The images have to have a certain size and the description has a default length. Just google it.

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When you look at the first image, do you think that is normal? If you are saying that it make the link but looks bad ad that is what is “normal;” or expected, then I agree with your both.

What I want it to do is display the contents of the post. The post does not have that picture. It does not reference the other url. I want it not to add those things.

I had no way to know that the results would be this bad. If it is supposed to look that way, then I rest my case.

So you are saying that I have to research and add code to make stack this work? Just askin’.

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That is the image from your facebook page, so my guess is, yes that is normal. If you want it to display something different, than like others suggest, you need to add Facebook open graph tags to your website. Joe made the stack to make it simple to add comments to your site, NOT to make it post onto Facebook. That checkbox is coming DIRECTLY from Facebook and it does what Facebook wants it to do. This has nothing to do with the stack working right or wrong. The stack does what it is suppose to, add a comments section to your website, using Facebooks comments area. If you want the components of Facebook to act differently, then you will need to learn to make it do so. There is NO setting Joe can add to the stack to make it do what you want, as that checkbox is not coming from the stack, but coming from Facebook.

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OK ,That settles it. I will have to look for another solution. Thanks everyone for your patience and input.

Well, it is the way Facebook works and not dependent on any stack or theme. It is the same if you would not use the stack and just want to get your website to play nice when referred on Facebook…

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@Vinnieweaver2 Joe is actually working on Comments2 stack right now, send in a ticket to support(at)joeworkman(dot)net and we can help you out.