Issue with Comments stack by JW

Hi everybody,
I have a problem: my stack “comments” does not appear in my pages “blog” with Total CMS.
It does not work with Disqus or Facebook. The page does not display anything. (In preview and on the published site).
No worries with stack for fixed page (home page), which I just added to try.

I checked my configuration several times. I removed the stacks from my page one after another to see if there was any incompatibility. But that does not change anything.

Would anyone among you see a solution to this problem?
(sorry for by bad english)
Thanks in advance.

No one has a possible solution?
Two days that I am on this problem and I find none.

have you tried asking for help at the weaver’s space?

There’s a dedicated space for Total and Easy CMS.

I would call Joe directly. @joeworkman should know the answer to this since both are his stacks.

All I can say is I have the comments stack (I use the Disqus one) and it’s working perfectly on every page I’ve used it. And there are several pages I’ve created over the past week with his comment stack.

However, I don’t have Total CMS so I can’t speak to their interaction with one another. I would assume there should be no problem, but Joe or @zeebe are the ones who really know for sure.

Did you watch the videos? If you are using it with the blog, you need to use the comments stacks that show up in the child menu of the Blog Post stack.

thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
Yes, that’s what I did.
But that does not work. Yet my site is made with Foundation.
I sent my project to your support a few days ago.

send in a support ticket with URL and details that we can use to help you. maybe a download of the project.

Yes, that’s what I did yesterday.

Great! Then I am sure that we are helping you there… probably @zeebe

thank you. I have been on this problem for 2 days without being able to find a solution.