The links 'Watch Tutorials' and 'Get Addons' in the project screen

(Egbert Broers) #1

The link ‘watch tutorials’ in the project screen doesn’t work guys

(Brad Halstead) #2

@Egbert, @ben

Confirmed (Ver 6.3.7), the link takes you to Video Tutorials , page does not exist/is not generated. (It’s not just the double / between com and rapid weaver that is the issue either…)

@Egbert, you do know how to get to the video’s manually though right?

Same applies for Get Addons button

‘Join Now’ for the community works fine though :wink:


(Egbert Broers) #3

It just looks sloppy :wink:

(Brad Halstead) #4

@Egbert… bad beta testers, bad bad bad lol (I am a beta tester :frowning: )


(Egbert Broers) #5

It’s mostly the error message that you see. Shange it and it’s solved

Great new year over there anyway :wink: