Course/Training Blackout

Why am I not able to view the videos, even those that are supposed to be free?

What videos?

Video tutorials!!!

Do you have a link to where you see them?

There’s literally hundreds of RapidWeaver “tutorials!!!” from various developers as well as RealMac. They reside on websites, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.

I think what Monica is trying to say is that most of the videos here: are just showing up as blank, black screens. (For me, on Windows/Chrome, anyway). cc: @ben

Thank you, Jason (aka jakostick). Finally, someone gets what I am saying. I’ve been trying to communicate this to those guys at RapidWeaver. I have cancelled this so-called “Gold membership”.


I just wasn’t sure what ones you are talking about.

The whole is having problems. I haven’t been able to log on for some time now. The password reset hasn’t worked for a couple of months, I sent an email in about it to


They work on my phone.

They show as blank but if you wait for about 10 seconds they appear.

Good catch. On desktop it still isn’t loading if I wait. But re-loading the page seems to do it now.

It must be something to do with how YouTube imbed works.

Whoosh! Thank you all so much.

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