The power of Globals

I know Elements hasn’t shipped yet, but I just wanted to express how excited I am about the power of Globals.

As I have been putting together my most recent project (an information website), I have thought of so many ways to use Globals.

I am hoping there will be some really useful Components available. I don’t have much imagination in this area beyond what has been done in other products, but I look forward to seeing and even purchasing the ones that make sense for my application.

Yes, I am purposely delaying my project’s release to be completed specifically on Elements. I want to “play” but also give back if I can by submitting feedback on my experience, whether regarding workflow or bug squashing.

That’s it. I’m just excited and wanted to share!


@Flash Maybe we should provide a CTA ready to purchase Elements Button to Realmac. I was joking about September, July is also good to buy or subscribe or whatever as long as we get our toy to play with during summer vacation. Anyway, no vacation for Realmac Team if we can’t have fun during ours with their toys, hmm products. Voila :crazy_face: